How We Saved $15 On A Date Night To Tin Lizzys Cantina And Was It Worth It

There are two things we love in life outside of one another, that’s authentic Mexican food and good deals. For us, Mexican food is always at the top of our dinner date list, well that and a good dessert. Any time we go on date night’s we try to look for the best deal on our meals so we turn to Groupon+.

Groupon+ is an awesome way to earn cashback on restaurants in your area. While this isn’t sponsored, we have always made sure we are getting the best deals on our outings because we love to save. While searching on Groupon+ we came across Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, a taqueria style restaurant in Georgia. Groupon+ would give you 50% cash back on your total bill from Tin Lizzy’s Cantina and on Tuesdays, Tin Lizzy’s Cantina has a special on their tacos! Taking full advantage of their $2 taco specials and that awesome cashback offer, we drove to the Mall of Georgia to check out Tin Lizzy’s for the first time.

Here’s what we ordered:

The Appetizer

Chips & Queso: Erica thought the chips were extremely salty. The queso dip was perfect though. I agree with her, the chips were way to salty and with the type of seasoning used it threw the taste off to me but the queso alone was delicious.


Erica- 6 out of 10

Michael- 6 out of 10

The Tacos

Beer Battered Lobster Taco:

Erica was really excited about trying this taco but it turned out to be terribly greasy. Although I didn’t find it to be terrible, there was something wrong with the taste, maybe because it was my first time having a seafood taco.


Erica- 0 out of 10

Michael- 2 out of 10

Philly Cheese Steak taco:

I was alone in trying this one since Erica doesn’t eat steak, I must say I loved it! Delicious bold taste and flavor in every bite.


8 out of 10

Fried chicken Taco:

This fried chicken taco wasn’t horrible but not great either. Erica describes it as decent, kind of dry and missing something. I immediately thought of the chicken wrap at a fast food restaurant. The taste was okay, but it would have been better if they added a little something extra.


Erica- 3 out 10

Michael- 5 out of 10

Chicken Con Queso:

Now this was Erica’s favorite, she enjoyed the combination of the chicken, queso and the pick de Gallo together. It had the extra some of the others were missing. We loved the taste.


Erica- 7 out of 10

Michael- 7 out of 10

The Dessert

Churros: We were hopeful that the churros would really boost this review, but oh how mistaken were we! Unfortunately, they were overcooked, chewy on the inside and as Erica put it, “it looks like fried okra.”


Erica- 2 out of 10

Michael- 1 out of 10

Final Thoughts:

The restaurant has potential but the quality of the food isn’t quite there yet. Menu is creative but with a little shake up to some of the tacos, this could be a good restaurant. The staff were friendly and the vibe of restaurant was perfect, however the food was the complete opposite. We would love to go back and try again in hopes of a different experience.

Total Rating:

Overall we rate our experience: 5 out of 10

Question: If you could build your own taco, what would you have on it? Comment below!

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Til next time!

Keep grubbin!

Michael & Erica


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