Alpine Bakery’s To Die For Tiramisu That Will Make Your Taste Buds Happy

Desserts rule the world, well they rule our world! We are those people who will try just about anything, especially when it comes to desserts. Its one edible item that even if it looks bad, you can’t mess it up.

Since moving to Georgia, we have been looking high and low for the perfect bakery. To us the perfect bakery has all the basic necessities like cake, cupcakes and our favorite extras like cannolis and a variety of treats.

This past weekend we went on a spontaneous date night and found a pot of gold! After dinner we found ourselves craving desserts. Michael’s current favorite being cannolis and as always Erica had no real clue of what she wanted, this is a typical day in our marriage.

After an intense google search we found ourselves the perfect place! Cookies, cupcakes, cannolis, OH MY! Alpine Bakery & Trattoria, the bakery of dreams. After much deliberation we purchased tiramisu, 2 different cannolis and a white chocolate raspberry cupcake.

The Tiramisu

Although it was our first time trying tiramisu, it was everything we didn’t know we needed. The coffee flavored treat had the perfect moisture and a hint of butter. It was $9 but well worth the price as it came in a pretty large cup.

The Cannolis

Cannolis have always been a treat we instantly look for in every bakery and we are so glad Alpine Bakery had options. We got a regular cannoli and a snickers cannoli, yes you heard that right, a snickers cannoli! Covered in chocolate with a caramel and cheese filling along with the perfect amount of peanuts! Michael loved it! The regular cannolis were perfect, the filling was not too sweet and meshed perfectly with their lightly crunchy shell. The cannolis were $3.25 each

The Cupcake

This white chocolate raspberry jumbo cupcake was the most amazing cupcake either of us has ever had! The Cupcake topped with white chocolate shavings and filled with a raspberry fluffy icing like substance along with the moist white cake part is what made every piece perfect. Flavor literally bounced throughout every bite. The Cupcake was $5.50.

In total we spent about $25, which isn’t too bad for the trip our taste buds went on with these awesome desserts.

We will definitely be making a trip back to Alpine Bakery & Trattoria.



405 Toonigh Rd.

Woodstock, GA


12315 Crabapple Rd.

Alpharetta, GA

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Til Next Time

Keep Grubbin,

Michael & Erica


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