BetterMade’s Most Mouth-watering Chip Flavors

When you move to a different state there are many sacrifices being made like leaving family and friends behind or your favorite foods that most states don’t serve. Although moving to Georgia was one of the best things we’ve done for our lives, we gave up certain perks of living in Detroit.

Being from Detroit there are aspects you just wont find anywhere else like Coney islands and the ever so special, Better made Chips company. Better made has been apart of out lives since we were babies, they were served at out block parties, family reunions and had always been a staple household snack. After many years of craving Better Made, we finally caved and purchased a box online.

We purchased the BBQ Chip Special, you get 8 bags of their different flavored bbq chips and the best part is you can customize the box to your liking. In our 8 we chose:

2 Red Hot BBQ

2 Southern style Sweet Heat

2 Regular BBQ

1 Honey BBQ

1 Sweet BBQ

This box is only $9.89

I know you’re thinking, well they’re just barbecue chips but no, no, no! Better Made chips have the perfect amount of salt and their BBQ flavor is like no other chip you’ve had. Their newest flavor, Southern Style Sweet Heat had barbecue flavoring, on top of a bit of sweet and a kick of spicy.

We were so happy to have a taste of our hometown again and we plan to order more, this time we are getting a box of 50!

If you’ve never heard of Better Made or never tried their chips, begin your research and thank us later!

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Til Next Time,

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2 thoughts on “BetterMade’s Most Mouth-watering Chip Flavors

  1. Oh my gosh better made is the best! My parents used to own a restaurant and we only carried better made chips. Best part of the week was getting our chip delivery and hoarding the best filled bags of chips from the customers 😂

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