5 Shocking Ways Choosing Homemade Over Fast Food Can Change Your Lifestyle and Family Health

Since the beginning of our relationship we have always made it our number one priority to share our future desires. For us, this meant sharing our passion for food and how madly in love we are with being in the kitchen. Fast forward almost 6 years later and here we are, we cook every meal together and now have this amazing food blog.

Dinner time is the hardest part of the day because of not having enough time after work or not having an idea of a quick meal for your whole family so a lot of us opt for fast food because it’s easier to just grab, go and eat. Unfortunately, fast food is no good for the kiddies or the adults. According to statista quick service restaurants generated $299.6 billion in 2018 alone. Although fast food may be easy here are 5 reasons why choosing homemade over fast food is best for your whole family.

1. Get A Balanced Meal

A balanced meal usually consists of dairy, vegetable, grain, fruit and a protein. Applying this to some of your homemade meals gives your entire family the nutrition needed to live healthier while still being able to enjoy a fresh meal together.

2. Bonding Time With Family

neither of us have experienced a meal with our family gathered around the dinner table chatting about our day but we’ve always said when and if we have kids that’s how we would do things. Dinner time as a family is a special moment in which you can get to know more about one another, make jokes and memories all while eating a delicious homemade meal. You can’t go wrong with that!

3. Putting Love Into Your Meal

Yes, a nutritious meal is important but what’s better than sprinkling a bit of love in your meal? When we cook we do it because we love it but also we love those we are serving it to (ourselves). This may sound corny but when you put love into your food it tastes better and feels good to eat!

When you put love into your food it tastes better and feels good to eat!

4. Knowing What’s Being Put Into Your Meal

At fast food restaurants you are on the outside of the kitchen, you aren’t sure of where they get their food, who is making your food or how your food is being prepared where as at home you are in charge of the seasonings, washing your vegetables and handling every item being put into your pan and onto your family’s plates. Knowing what you’re eating makes it safer and tastier for you and your family.

5. Saving Money

Some statistics have shown that the average American household spends $3,008 a year on dining out alone. Imagine being able to put $3,000 towards savings or a dream you have! Taking time out to cook with your family instead of going for a quick meal brings your family closer together and keeps that money in your pocket for something more important.

Don’t get me wrong, having time to spend with your family at a restaurant once in a while is amazing and family time outside of the home is necessary but please be mindful of the benefits home cooking has.

I hope you guys make more homemade meals and spend that time making memories with your family in the kitchen.

Question: What is your favorite meal to cook for/with your family?

Leave us a comment!

Til next time

Keep Grubbin’

Michael & Erica


8 thoughts on “5 Shocking Ways Choosing Homemade Over Fast Food Can Change Your Lifestyle and Family Health

  1. I always grew up eating dinner around the table with my family. As an adult that’s fallen by the wayside. Heck we don’t even have a table and I’m always so tired after work I’d rather just pick up something on the way home.
    We’re working on getting better at planning meals for the week and sticking to our guns about eating at home. I know our health and wallet will thank us!
    I don’t love cooking up a well seasoned pork chop and some mashed potatoes. So yummy!


    1. Loved the quote “You are what you eat”; got me thinking. Nice post. Very interesting points stated. Even though I try my best to cook dinner daily for my family, some days are so tiring I fail and grab some fast food from a restaurant. Well now I shall try and curb my habits. My fav food is usually omlette which both my husband and baby relish.

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  2. These are all really good and true reasons why home cooked meals are better than eating out! My family doesn’t really eat out that much, who probably eat out to our restaurant maybe 5 or 6 times in a year. The rest is all home cooked! That statistic of how much money you can save is crazy!! I could go on a mini vacation with that haha. Thank you for sharing! 💗
    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All great reasons to cook at home. I never used to love to cook, but now I enjoy putting meals together for many of these reasons. I like knowing what’s going into my food and cooking at home and eating healthy sets a good example for my son, who is learning to cook alongside us. We rarely eat out, maybe once a month, so it’s a nice treat when we do.

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